In Your Community

  • We encourage communities to incorporate green infrastructure where possible.
  • We encourage individuals to reduce water flow from their property with native plants, rain barrels, rain gardens, pervious pavements, etc.
  • We advocate the responsible management of wastewater. Overflows from sanitary and combined sewers should be urgently addressed. Areas with failing septic systems should have replacement systems installed or have public wastewater treatment services extended.

The Lake Erie Foundation (LEF) hosts many meetings and events, helps coordinate a water quality testing program, serves as an information source, and promotes sustainable practices to improve our Lake Erie. While many efforts are concentrated on the southern shores of Lake Erie, we are an advocate for the entire lake and welcome opportunities to share information and promote action in communities throughout the entire basin.

  • The LEF, through the Lake Erie Waterkeeper, holds monthly roundtable meetings in the Toledo area.
  • The LEF is partnering with the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians to coordinate a very successful water quality testing program. Volunteers are engaged in over 30 communities to complete water quality testing before and after heavy rains. Links to testing results will soon be linked.
  • We coordinate multiple conferences every year. The Lake Erie Waterkeeper Conference is an annual spring event in the Toledo area and the Lake Erie Forum is held every December at the Catawba Island Club. The LEF plan to hold an additional conference every fall in the central basin.
  • The LEF shares information about Lake Erie through informational displays and handouts at various boating and other outdoor-enthusiast functions.
  • The LEF supports other organizations for river clean ups.