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  • Lake Erie Foundation Files Amicu Brief in Support of the Clean Water Act/TMDL Lawsuit.  See the following links for more details:  Press Release, Amicus Brief Motion, Amicus Brief
  • Updated Asian Carp Website:  We invite you to explore the updated website, which can now be accessed via phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. With more intuitive navigation and organization, learning about the fight against invasive Asian carp is easier than ever.
  • Most Recent Algae Forecast:
    • Here is today’s Lake Erie algae bulletin. Notice that there is a bloom but the color is blue and green rather than red meaning that the algae is less dense.
  • Did You Ever Wonder What is Meant by the designation:  Lake Erie Waters Impairment?  Below are several great links to understand what the term means and why it is an important first step in helping protect Lake Erie’s water quality.



The Gazette: (09-17-18) Report: Ethanol maker shuts down 2 Iowa plants

The Sandusky Register: (09-14-18) Purchase expands park on Middle Bass Island (09-14-18) Toxic algae is invading our lakes and lack of transparency makes it difficult to track

The News Herald: (09-13-18) Senate passes bill with Lake Erie protections

The Toledo Blade: (09-13-18) Scientists, others hear farmers’ perspective at algae conference 

Rock The Lake: (09-12-18) Saturday is International Coastal Clean Up Day 

CBC: (09-11-18) Why a sudden spike in the temperature of the Great Lakes has scientists worried 

The Toledo Blade: (09-10-18) Lake Erie, other environmental issues factor into Ohio governor’s race

The Toledo Blade: (09-09-18) Lake Erie, other environmental issues factor into Ohio governor’s race

The Toledo Blade: (09-09-18) Film explores theory that enviro toxins are linked to ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers

Rock the Lake: (09-07-18) Euclid breaks ground on groundbreaking Lake Erie trail 

Stormwater: (09-07-18) Lake Erie Gets Many Helping Hands for Urban Stormwater Reduction

The Sandusky Register: (09-06-18) Lake Erie’s harmful algal bloom persists

The Blade: (09-06-18) Saving Great Lakes fund a start

NPR: (09-06-18) Coastal Labs Studying Increased Flooding Consider Moving Because Of Increased Flooding

The Blade: (09-06-18) Bad actors hurting efforts to combat lake’s algae issue

Michigan Radio: (09-06-18) Toledo works to restore trust in its water after 2014 microcystin scare    

The Blade: (09-06-18) Saving Great Lakes fund a start 

Great Lakes Now: (09-05-18) Big Water, Big Money… But Algae?

WTOL: (09-04-18) NOAA research lab uses underwater vessel to monitor algal blooms

The Blade: (09-03-18) Full speed on Lake Erie reforms

The Blade: (09-03-18) Governor makes appointments to Lake Erie panel

The Blade: (09-02-18) UT on front line of microcystin research

The University of Akron: (08-31-18) Lake Erie’s toughest challenges tackled by doctoral students  

NOAA: (08-30-18) Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom Bulletin, also Satellite Imagery

The Manitoulin Expositor: (08-29-18) Asian carp establish ‘finholds’ in Lake Erie, Ontario and Michigan

The News Herald: (08-29-18) New 15-acre public preserve unveiled at Kelleys Island

The Buffalo News: (08-28-18) Trump nominates Corwin to head Great Lakes agency

The New York Times: (08-29-18) Algae Bloom in Lake Superior Raises Worries on Climate Change and Tourism

The Sandusky Register: (08-27-18) Portman: Climate change is real, we have to do something

The Sandusky Register: (08-27-18) Panel named to work on Lake Erie issues

The Sandusky Register: (08-27-18) Action needed for Lake Erie

The Toledo Blade: (08-27-18) Toxin threat from algal bloom starting to dissipate

Great Lakes Now: (8-24-18) Lake Erie’s algae problems: Delay. And more delay

Michigan Radio: (08-24-18) Discussing solutions to Lake Erie’s toxic blooms    

The Toledo Blade: (08-23-18) Attorney has ‘real faith’ tighter controls are in store for Lake Erie

The Chicago Tribune: (08-23-18) 5 things about invasive and non-native species in the Great Lakes

The Monroe News: (08-23-18) Acting EPA chief encouraged by Great Lakes cleanup

The Toledo Blade: (08-22-18) Judge says algae lawsuit has too many loopholes

The Toledo Blade: (08-20-18) Panel appointed to study health of Lake Erie

WOSU: (08-20-18) Republican Lawmakers Set Up Panel To Study Lake Erie Algae Blooms    

The Toledo Blade: (08-20-18) Lucas County seeks to join Lake Erie algae lawsuit 

The Toledo Blade: (08-17-18) Acting U.S. EPA administrator wants to keep Great Lakes restoration program

The Toledo Blade: (08-17-18) Environmental group seeks to join algae lawsuit

The Toledo Blade: (08-16-18) Lake Erie’s economic impact highlighted by officials

The Toledo Blade: (8-14-18) Lake Erie Foundation seeks to join landmark lawsuit

Watertown Daily Times: (08-13-18) Senate allocates $11 million to prevent spread of Asian Carp

The News Herald: (08-12-18) Toledo backs lawsuit seeking action on Lake Erie algae

The Sandusky Journal: (08-12-18) Exploring the Estuary

The Toledo Blade: (08-12-18) Proposed Icebreaker wind project is not what it seems 

The Sandusky Register: (8-12-18) Lawmaker: City residents deserve voice in Lake Erie’s fate

The Morning Journal: (08-12-18) Vermilion’s newest boat launch earns praise

The Plain Dealer: (08-12-18) Lake Erie protections should not wait longer; Ohio soil and water panel must act: editorial  

The Toledo Blade: (08-11-18) Lake Erie protections should not wait longer; Ohio soil and water panel must 

The Plain Dealer: (08-10-18) Full Great Lakes funding a triumph of problem-solving over politicking: editorial

The Sandusky Register: (8-9-18) A marvelous marsh worth saving and strengthening

The Plain Dealer: (08-07-18) Cuyahoga County Council awards $1.1 million for revamping of Rocky River’s Bradstreet’s Landing pier

Michigan Radio: (08-07-18) Disappearing beaches part of the ebb and flow of Great Lakes water levels     

The Plain Dealer: (08-07-18) No swimming at Edgewater Beach after storm causes raw sewage to go into Lake Erie

The Sandusky Register: (08-07-18) Kaptur signs on to help bill dealing with algal blooms

The Toledo Blade: (08-07-18) Toledo water group collects signatures for ‘Lake Erie Bill of Rights’ inclusion on Nov. ballot

The Plain Dealer: (08-06-18) Euclid City Council takes historic vote to launch innovative lakefront trail

The Sandusky Register: (08-05-18) Kasich officials say farmers were included in lake discussions

The News Herald: (08-04-18)  Chagrin River Watershed’s vitality maintained by partnership

The Sandusky Register: (08-02-18) Great Lakes Restoration money OK’d by Senate

The Sentinel-Tribune: (08-01-18) Legislators take Lake Erie questions

The Plain Dealer: (08-01-18) Congress defies Trump and gives Great Lakes initiative $300 million

WKSU: (08-01-18) Agriculture Group Shows Support for Some of Kasich’s Lake Erie Regulations    

Rock the Lake: (08-01-18) See drone video of Ohio’s Lake Erie beaches, from Edgewater to Marblehead 

The Sandusky Register: (07-31-18) Come to Lake Erie meeting, bring algae

The News Herald: (07-30-18) Harmful algal bloom expert offers global perspective

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: (07-30-18) Dead zones in Green Bay show signs of lasting longer, raising long-term questions

The Plain Dealer: (07-30-18) Lake Erie wind power project receives clean water certification by Ohio EPA 

The Akron Beacon: ( 07-29-18) Time isn’t on Lake Erie’s side

The Sandusky Register: (07-29-18) Separating fact from fiction about Lake Erie wind energy

The Sandusky Register: (07-29-18) ‘Green week’ returns to Put-in-Bay; last call for controlled hunts

The Sandusky Register: (07-29-18) Lake Erie deserves better

The Plain Dealer: (07-29-18) Latest Ohio Statehouse refrain – ‘Let’s keep befouling Lake Erie’: Thomas Suddes

The News-Messenger: (07-28-18) Historic Ballville Dam is just about gone

The Plain Dealer: (07-27-18) Provisional approval of Cleveland’s Icebreaker wind project pushes Ohio closer to being first in freshwater wind power: Heidi Callender (Opinion)

The Plain Dealer: (07-27-18) Ohio soil and water panel needs to grow a backbone. Lake Erie is too important to the state and its future: editorial

Your Erie: (07-27-18) Pennsylnania Sea Grant Receives $800,000

Michigan Ag Connection: (07-27-18) Canada Groups Asks Ohio, Michigan to Rethink Grass Carp Policy

The Norwalk Reflector: (07-27-18) Lake Lake Erie Islands reveal a rich history, robust ecosystemErie Islands reveal a rich history, robust ecosystem

The Blade: (07-25-18) More needs to be done for Lake Erie, Gov. Kasich

The Plain Dealer: (07-25-18) Lake Erie dead zone threatens Cleveland drinking water

The Associated Press: (07-25-18) Federal grant supports Lake Erie algae bloom warning system

The Blade: (07-24-18) U.S. EPA accused of procedural ‘sleight-of-hand’ over western Lake Erie algae cleanup strategy 

The Blade: (07-24-18) Key steps being taken to address harmful algal blooms

Rock the Lake: (07-24-18) Text a Great Lakes buoy, and it’ll text you back with the latest water conditions 

The News-Herald: (07-23-18) Eastlake kayak ramp, launch to open

Sandusky Register: (07-23-18) Cordray, DeWine pledge to include farmers in Lake Erie cleanup

The Sandusky Register: (07-22-18)  Exploring beach habitats

The Plain Dealer (07-22-18) Gov. Kasich’s laudable Lake Erie protections, Ohio lawmakers’ laze-inducing term limits: Thomas Suddes 

Fremont News Messenger: (07-20-18) Lake Erie advocates conduct economic study

The Blade: (07-19-18)Committee punts Kasich’s request for Lake Erie ‘distressed’ designation

The Elyria Chronicle (AP): (7-19-18) Ohio legislative leaders, farmers urge John Kasich to cancel algae order

Great Lakes Today: (07-18-18) Researchers aim for faster water contamination test

The Beacon: (07-18-18) Lake Erie HABs to shrink slightly, but will still be significant 

Sandusky Register: (07-18-18) Legislative leaders attack Kasich’s Lake Erie order

The Blade: (07-18-18) Lawmakers push back against Kasich order on Lake Erie

Great Lakes Daily News: (07-18-18) Stakeholders look to lock in funding to complete Asian carp-related study

Great Lakes Now – Detroit Public TV: (07-18-18) Six turbines planned near Cleveland

Michigan Radio: (07-18-18) MSU researchers hope cyanobacteria can make bioplastics more environmentally friendly 

Detroit News: (07-18-18) Michigan State University aims to reduce algae blooms in Lake Erie

Great Lakes Now: (07-17-18) Long-stalled Lake Erie wind project gets tentative green light

WCSM: (07-17-18) Lake Erie Algae: A Call for a Deeper Dive into the Problem

Sandusky Register: (07-17-18) Stay healthy in Lake Erie by using these online tools

Lake Erie Marine Trades Association: (07-17-18) Boating Group Blasts Latest Icebreaker Recommendation

The Blade: (07-17-18) Mayor touts water plant, blames lawmakers for Lake Erie algae woes 

Great Lakes Now – Detroit Public TV: (07-16-18) Peak Lake Erie algae season keeps scientists, politicians and lawyers busy

Ohio Country Journal: (07-16-18) Agricultural nutrients targeted in Clean Lake 2020 Bill and Kasich executive order

Sandusky Register: (07-15-18) Dealing with another significant algal bloom

Becon Journal: (07-15-18) Beacon Journal/ editorial board: The governor sends an Erie message

Great Lakes Now – Detroit Public TV (07-13-18) Scientists expect Lake Erie’s 2018 algae bloom to be “significant.”  Charter boat captain says business is down by 25 percent

Press Release: Port Clinton, Ohio: (07-12-18) Lake Erie Algae Forecast Needs to Add Progress Report on Phosphorous Reductions LEF Press Release – Algae, 07-13-18

The Sandusky Register: (07-12-18) Kasich issues order to combat harmful algal blooms

Michigan Radio: (07-12-18) Using green infrastructure to reduce flooding    

Rock the Lake: (07-12-18) Lake Erie harmful algal bloom forecast 2018: Better than last year 

The Toledo Blade: (07-11-18) Justice Department: Judge has no authority to enforce TMDL in Lake Erie

Gov. Kasich Communication Department (07-11-18) Aggresive new action to improve Lake Erie water quality

Farm and Dairy: (07-11-18) Breaking: Kasich signs Lake Erie executive order

The Plain Dealer: (07-11-18) Gov. John Kasich targets farm nutrient runoff into Lake Erie in executive order

WCPN: 07-11-18) Algae Blooms: Ohio Spent Billions But Only One Percent On Agriculture

The Star Beacon: (07-11-18) Ohio governor wants new farm rules to fight Lake Erie algae

The Sandusky Register: (07-11-18) Marblehead marina wins top ‘Clean Marina’ designation

The Blade: (07-11-18) Ohio governor wants new farm rules to fight Lake Erie algae

The Blade: (07-11-18) 88 percent of Great Lakes residents agree lakes deserve bigger investment

The Blade: (07-10-18) It’s that time of year: Toledo resumes thrice-weekly tests for algal toxin

WBFO: (07-09-18) Cornell researchers developing speedy test to find bacteria in beach water    

The Blade: (07-08-18) Mayflies, algae both part of the game for Lake Erie walleye anglers

The Sandusky Register: (07-07-18) Last call to block Lake Erie wind turbines?

MLive: (07-05-18) Great Lakes water temperatures soar after recent heat

Sandusky Register: (07-05-18) Free email bulletin tracks Lake Erie’s harmful algal blooms


The Plain Dealer: (07-05-18) LEEDCo wind project tentatively OK’d, but must show plan it will not harm birds and bats to operate at night

Euclid Observer: (07-05-18) Euclid residents experiencing shoreline erosion can access resources through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources

The Blade: (07-03-18) Algae bloom taking shape in western Lake Erie 

Rock the Lake: (07-03-18) What’s the deal with Cleveland’s harmful algal blooms?

The South Bend Tribune: (07-03-18) Fort Wayne builds berm to keep Asian carp out of Great Lakes

WNMU: (07-02-18) Snyder vetoes ballast water bill, signs DEQ oversight legislation     

MLive: (07-02-18)  What Trump’s economic-driven water order may mean for Great Lakes

The Toledo Blade: (07-02-18) Toxic algae in western Lake Erie make early arrival because of heat 

The Sandusky Register: (07-01-18) New algal bloom develops in Sandusky Bay

The Plain Dealer: (07-01-18) Northeast Ohio beaches remain open, even with Lake Erie water quality, algal advisories

The Sandusky Register: (06-30-18) Conservation bill gains support

The Beacon Journal: (06-30-18) Editorial Board: Here comes the algae

The Sentinel-Tribune: (06-29-18) Gardner urges Kasich to sign clean lake plan

The News Herald: (6-29-18) After decades of debate, Ballville Dam demolition will start next week

Farm and Dairy: (06-29-18) Ohio ag groups challenging Kasich’s water quality focus

The Sandusky Register: (06-29-18) Clean Lake 2020 bill sent to Kasich

Michigan Radio: (06-29-18) Algae in the gas tank? U of M researchers study problems holding back algal biofuel    

Port Clinton News Herald: (06-28-18) ‘Historic’ flooding spurs Port Clinton to look at infrastructure

The Toledo Blade: (06-28-18)  More must be done to protect Lake Erie

The Toledo Blade: (06-27-18) EPA funds will aid Maumee River cleanup, Great Lakes restoration

Rock the Lake: (06-27-18) Ohio awarded $215,000 in U.S. EPA beach grants 

The Toledo Blade: (06-27-18)  State lawmakers approve Lake Erie funding bill

The Sandusky Register: (06-26-18) Clean up the lake

The Sandusky Register:  (06-26-18) Here’s how Sandusky will improve its greatest resource

WTOL TV: (06-26-18)  Kaptur, Brown announce $300K in funds for Metroparks’ restoration effort

Rock the Lake: (06-26-18)  How can you be certified as an Ohio Clean Marina?

WTOL TV: (06-25-18) Final data being gathered for algae bloom forecast (06-25-18)  Great Lakes invasive species make themselves at home

The Undark: (06-25-18) Navigating a Sea of Superlatives in Pursuit of the Asian Carp

The Plain Dealer: (06-24-18) Great Lakes invasive species make themselves at home

The Plain Dealer: (06-24-18) Stop treating Lake Erie like a floating garbage dump

The Sandusky Register: (06-23-18) Warming drives spread of toxic algae in U.S.

The Sandusky Register: (06-23-18) Senate farm bill to help Lake Erie battle algae

Rock the Lake: (06-22-18) Lake Erie water levels are high. Why? And what does that mean?

The News Herald: (06-22-18) Lake County state Reps. introduce bill assisting homeowners with coastal erosion

The Patch: (06-22-18) New Legislation Could Protect Ohio’s Coastal Properties      

The Plain Dealer: (06-22-18) Cuyahoga River enjoys revival 49 years after the fire: a visual tour

The Columbus Dispatch: (06-21-18) Column: Senators should oppose repeal of Clean Water Rule

90.3 WCPN: (06-20-18) Ohio EPA Director Calls For Nutrient Runoff Regulations To Clean Lake Erie

90.3 WCPN: (06-20-18) Family Separation at the Border & Lake Erie Health Update  (Audio for the Lake Erie Health Update starts at 30:25.)

Detroit Free Press: (06-20-18) MI CLEAR brings together diverse groups to reduce algae blooms in Lake Erie

The Toledo Blade: (06-19-18) Lake Erie clean-up measure nearing governor’s desk

The Toledo Blade: (06-18-18) Toledo’s Ottawa River takes another big step in its long healing process

The Sandusky Register: (06-16-18) New website tracks phosphorus in Lake Erie

The Washington Post: (06-15-18) The Chesapeake Bay hasn’t been this healthy in 33 years, scientists say

The Morning Journal: (06-15-18) Lake Erie’s water levels spur erosion concerns

News 5 – Cleveland: (06-14-18) Homeowners, city officials worried as erosion eats away at Lake Erie shoreline

The Sandusky Register: (06-13-18) Judge asked to demand action from EPA

The Chronicle-Telegram: (06-13-18) Sherrod Brown introduces provisions for Lake Erie in Senate Farm Bill

The Plain Dealer: (06-13-18) Ohio EPA program enables Akron to save money on sewer projects while protecting local waterways

Michigan Radio: (06-13-18)  Toledo and its suburbs spar over water costs      

NBC 24: (06-13-18) Farm in McComb see success in nutrien removal research

The Morning Journal: (06-12-18)  Port of Lorain getting $2.5 million for dredging

The News Messenger: (06-12-18) Wildlife officials sample Sandusky River for grass carp

The Toledo Blade: (06-12-18)  Group that filed algae lawsuit seeks comprehensive cleanup strategy

The Sandusky Register: (06-11-18) New website tracks phosphorus in Lake Erie

Star Beacon: (06-11-18)  Metroparks celebrates county’s pristine, ‘scenic’ rivers

The Sandusky Register: (06-08-18) Lake Erie bill gets boost

The Sandusky Register: (06-08-18) Is the lake safe to swim?

Great Lake Echo: (06-08-18)  The battles that shaped Great Lakes water politics

The Toledo Blade, Editorial: (06-07-18) Science will save Lake Erie

The News Herald: (06-07-18)  Erosion the topic of meeting in Eastlake with Northeast Ohio administrations

The Plain Dealer: (06-07-18)  House passes water bill with measures to help the Great Lakes and Cleveland

WCPNIdeastream: (06-06-18) Project Clean Lake; Euclid Beach Erosion; Midges & Mayflies 

The Plain Dealer: (06-05-18)  No to Racine Great Lakes water diversion: editorial

Cleveland 19: (06-04-18) Lake Erie is 2 feet higher than normal causing the Ohio coastline to wash away

Avon-Avon Lake Patch: (06-04-18)  Lake Erie Historically High, Erosion Threatens Coastal Property      

Rock the Lake: (06-04-18) Midge season! What to know about the pesky Lake Erie bugs 

FreshWater: (06-04-18)  Lake Erie starts here: Why Cleveland Heights storm drains will soon have a new look

Michigan Radio: (06-03-18) Invasive hitchhikers found in laker ballast water    

The Sandusky Register: (06-03-18) State senator believes his Lake Erie bill will advance soon

The Toledo Blade: (06-02-18)  Op-Ed Column by Dave Spangler  What happened to the Ohio Department of Agriculture?

The Sandusky Register: (05-27-18)  Sandusky Bay Pathway bike path could span 80 miles

The Sandusky Register: (05-27-18) Microplastics found in Great Lakes beer — and fish

WTVG: (05-26-18)  New hope for Lake Erie’s algae problem

The Toledo Blade: (05-24-18)  Judge says he may back away from Lake Erie algae lawsuit

The News-Herald: (05-23-18) Great Lakes Advisory Board could be abolished

The Sentinel-Tribune: (05-23-18)  BGHS juniors develop ag filter

The Toledo Blade: (05-23-18)  Judge says he may back away from Lake Erie algae lawsuit 

The Plain Dealer: (05-22-18)  Reps. Dave Joyce and Marcy Kaptur want Great Lakes board to continue

The Sandusky Register: (05-21-18) State taking action: Free permits available for erosion control work

The Sandusky Register: (05-20-18) Shoreline Threatened 

The Sandusky Register: (05-20-18) Expect algal bloom

The Sandusky Register: (05-20-18)  Congress protecting the Great Lakes program

The Sandusky Register: (05-19-18) High water closes many roads throughout region

The Plain Dealer: (05-18-18)  Lake Erie rescue project is boosted by construction of West Side tunnel

The Morning Journal: (05-16-18) Why Asian carp pose a threat to the Great Lakes

Rock the Lake: (05-16-18) Water-monitoring buoys launched in Lake Erie for the season 

Cleveland Metro Press: (05-16-18) Gov. John Kasich wants to crack down on phosphorus runoff that feeds Lake Erie algal blooms

Michigan Radio: (05-15-18) Could artificial intelligence help scientists fight toxic blooms in the Great Lakes? 

The Toledo Blade: (05-15-18) Let it rain lake funding 

The News Herald: (05-15-18)  Predictions come out for Lake Erie algae bloom in summer 2018

The Plain Dealer: Editorial (05-15-18) Gov. John Kasich must cure his tone-deafness on Lake Erie impairment: editorial

The Toledo Blade: (05-15-18) EPA chief: Kasich’s comments about impairment taken out of context

The Sandusky Register: (05-15-18) Two bills aim to help Lake Erie

The Plain Dealer: (05-15-18) Lake Erie, Great Lakes water levels much higher than May historical average

The Toledo Blade: (05-13-18) Chance encounter with birds changed life of Black Swamp observatory chief

Great Lakes Echo: (05-11-18) Researchers evaluate ways to keep plastic pollution out of Great Lakes

The Toledo Blade: (05-11-18) Proposed bills would fund runoff reduction efforts for Lake Erie 

The Sentinel Tribune: (05-11-18) Proposal would return farmed land to wetland status

The Sandusky Register: (05-10-18)  Gardner, Arndt introduce two bills to help Lake Erie

The Plain Dealer: (05-10-18) Portman-led investigation finds Army Corps angled for Lake Erie dumping

The Beacon: (05-10-18) Lake Erie Conservation News Ohio EPA wants farm regs; Brown, Portman seek full GLRI funding 

The Sentinel Tribune: (05-10-18) Clean Lake 2020 Plan gets bi-partisan support

Civil Eats: (05-08-18)  Farm Runoff in U.S. Waters Has Hit Crisis Levels. Are Farmers Ready to Change?

Michigan Radio: (05-08-18) A crayfish, a snail, a fish and two plants land on “least wanted” list   

The Plain Dealer: (05-07-18) First-of-the-spring Lake Erie harmful algal bloom forecast is fuzzy, but includes gloomy possibilities 

The Toledo Blade: (05-07-18)  Nuke closures have impacted local economies, changed community character

The Toledo Blade: (05-06-18) Biggest Week in American Birding brings influx of tourism dollars

The Beacon: (05-03-18) Howard Marsh a new jewel for birders, paddlers, hikers and anglers 

Michigan Radio: (5-03-18) Microplastics can harm creatures at the bottom of the food web   

The Chronicle: (05-03-18)  Lakefront plan needs cash 

The Columbus Dispatch: (05-03-18)  Editorial: Save Lake Erie: Set Limits on cheical fertilizer

Great Lakes Water & Wildlife: (05-02-18) Lake Erie is Officially Impaired: Now What?

The Plain Dealer: (05-02-18) Residents protest Avon Lake power plant wastewater permit: Here’s what to know

The Toledo Blade: (05-02-18) Kapszukiewicz goes after Farm Bureau and legislature at algae conference

Michigan Radio: (05-01-18) Are farmers’ profits more important than our water? 

Farm and Dairy: (05-01-18)  Ohio EPA explains its decision to list Lake Erie impaired

The Morning Journal: (05-01-18) Avon Lake Council committee pitches public marina

The Columbus Dispatch: (04-30-18) Ohio has ‘long way to go’ to solve Lake Erie’s algae problem, state officials say

The Plain Dealer: (04-27-18) Cuyahoga River to celebrate new achievements for improved public access, aesthetics

Michigan Radio: (04-27-18)  Fertilizer runoff into Lake Erie unchanged after billions spent    

The Daily Standard: (04-27-18) West Beach project to kick off soon

The Toledo Blade, Editorial: (04-26-18)  Lake Erie shame

Star Tribune: (04-25-18) Overuse of farm fertilizer drives state’s first effort to regulate it

Sandusky Register: (04-23-18) Pesticides aim to kill sea lampreys

The Toledo Blade: (04-23-18) Howard Marsh Metropark opens to public Saturday

Sandusky Register: (04-22-18) Senate blocks bill dealing with invasive species

Sandusky Register: (04-22-18) Save Lake Erie, A Viewpoint

Sandusky Register: (04-21-18)  Study: Little progress made in curbing nutrients feeding algal blooms

The Toledo Blade: (04-20-18) Stouffer appointed to Lake Erie Commission

Federal Ruling on the Lake Erie Impaired Law Suit (PDF)

The Beacon: (04-19-18) Bay Point Conservation receives $249,000 

WOSU Radio: (04-19-18) Ohio EPA Working On New Laws To Protect Lake Erie

Michigan Radio (04-18-18) Preserve the Great Lakes ecosystem    

Milwaukee Jounal Sentinel (04-18-18) Conservation groups rip Great Lakes shipping bill, worried invasive species will be dumped

The Beacon (04-17-18) Nor’easter slams Ottawa County – again!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (04-17-18) U.S. Senate voting this week on looser rules for Great Lakes ships dumping ballast water

Great Lakes Now – Detroit Public TV (04-17-18) Federal judge orders U.S. EPA to enforce Clean Water Act in Ohio

Toledo Blade Article: (04-16-18) Fall 2018 eyed for release of iconic lake sturgeon into Maumee River 

Port Clinton News Herold: (04-16-18) Weekend storm causes flooding, road closures throughout county

The Toledo Blade: (04-13-18) Data shows Lake Erie impairment declaration was justified in 2010

The Toledo Blade: (04-13-18) Noted UT algae researcher to take helm of Lake Erie Center

The Toledo Blade: (04-12-18) Judge slams EPA over Lake Erie impairment controversy

Great Lakes Echo: (04-10-18) People can once again kill cormorants

Wall Street Journal: (04-09-18) Researchers Race to Thwart Toxic Algae Outbreaks

Columbus Dispatch: (03-27-18) Letter: State drags feet on contaminated lake

Sandusky Register: (03-27-18) $300 million for Great Lakes Restoration Initiative included in $1.3 trillion spending bill

The Toledo Blade: (03-27-18) Lawmakers propose Lake Erie funding plan

Morning Journal: (03-26-18) Black River Summit agenda announced

Urbana Citizen: (03-25-18) Birds Migrating to Ohio

The Toledo Blade: (03-24-18) Bill aims to help meet restrictions from Lake Erie impairment 

Cleveland Plain Dealer: (03-23-18) Lake Erie’s Western Basin ‘Impaired’

Associated Press Article: (03-23-18) Algae leads to ‘impaired’ designation for western Lake Erie

Port Clinton News Herald: (03-23-18) Root of the problem: Soil structure called vital to clean water

The Toledo Blade, Editorial: (03-22-18) Impairment designation a welcome victory for Lake Erie

The Detroit News: (03-22-18) Spending bill keeps $300M for Great Lakes cleanup

The Toledo Blade: (03-22-18) Kasich administration declares Lake Erie open waters as impaired

Michigan Radio: (03-22-18) NWF: Dear Ohio, follow up Lake Erie “impaired” designation with action

The Plain Dealer: (03-22-18) Lake Erie’s Western Basin ‘impaired,’ ending years of resistance by Kasich administration (03-21-18) How A $10 Million Competition Based In South Florida Takes Aim At Algae Blooms Worldwide

The Toledo Blade: (03-16-18) Biologists Eye Two Algae Toxins in Sandusky Bay

The Toledo Blade, Editorial: (03-14-18) Lake Erie Rescue Plan Needs Teeth

The Toledo Blade: (03-07-18) Federal plan calls for phosphorus reductions to improve Lake Erie water




American Rivers released a 2018 report to help protect drinking water in the Great Lakes region. It is a valuable tool for conservationists, community activists, and others working on drinking water issues across the region.  “Protecting Drinking Water in the Great Lakes: a Primer on Existing State Policies and Using the Safe Drinking Water Act” was produced by American Rivers in partnership with the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center. The report reviews Great Lakes’ state policies relative to the Safe Drinking Water Act – with a focus on Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The report is available here.

A Lake Erie Foundation team of ten advocated for Lake Erie in Washington DC for Great Lakes days on March 7 & 8. Updates and info will soon be posted on the Lake Erie Foundation facebook page. reports that Ohio, Army Corps settle lawsuit over dredging of Cleveland Harbor. Editorial:  Massive Great Lakes cuts in Trump budget cannot stand.

Lake Erie Bulletins provide forecasts of harmful algal blooms (HABs) of the cyanobacteria Microcystis in Lake Erie and are only provided during an active bloom. During a bloom, the bulletin is normally sent twice weekly on Monday and Thursday, unless weather and bloom conditions warrant distribution on other days. See Year End Summary – Algal Blooms, 2017 which compares the most recent bloom’s size and extent to Microcystis blooms of previous years.

The Toledo Blade: New Iron Plant in East Toledo.

The Toledo Blade: Featuring the Lake Erie Foundation.